Tower of God 449 – 신의탑 3부 32화

Tower of God 449 – 신의탑 3부 32화

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9 thoughts on “Tower of God 449 – 신의탑 3부 32화

  1. So lo po bia asracia/yasratcha isnt lopobia family head but a squadron commander of zahard army?? If it is, line webtoon got massive mistranslation

  2. ToG has become kind of gay… There is no more mystery or Tower climbing and slow character growth. Now its just action action action and more super cringe, shounen manga action bullshit.

    I still remember reading through the wiki about how Shinsoo and bangs work, but now its just a color spam without any plan. So much no longer makes sense. For example, what is the point of legendary weapons when everyone can just shape their shinso into weapons. What about positions? Everyone has now become a wave controller and fisherman.

    1. welp fisherman has always been the all around juggernaut, and i dont see any non-WC can control shinso as proficient as WC, assuming the are of the same power level.

      cant argue with the color spam, i miss the complexity of early tog too honestly.

      1. During the early chapters the Author himself mentioned that even learning one simple technique would take many decades (its in the Shinsoo lore) for normal people. So learning Shinsoo techniques so fast kind of was Baam’s power as an Irregular, with everyone up to the Viole Arc calling him an absolute monster for it. His only weakness being his Shinsoo output (I thought THE THORN was there to fix that for him). Basically Baam had that one talent but was otherwise very weak and of low potential and only with the Torn he becames somewhat powerful… but that clearly isn’t the case anymore…

        Also, look up the old character sheets from floor 2. Nearly all characters, expect for the Zahard princesses had NO real chance to EVER become Rankers. Non of the other character had the potential to ever climb to the top or even just the higher floors. Most shouldn’t even have made it past the 30th floor because of Shinsoo density. It was kind of implied during the 2nd floor Arc.

        The story was sooo epic during the early chapters… especially if you had read up on the additional lore. But all of that is now destroyed and ToG has transformed from an epic and very serious story, into an ANime.

  3. People fail to understand that serialization of stories is a work in progress, not just in narrative, but also in production.
    Most authors don’t realize how substantially long their depictions will take to release and almost all webtoons see expedited story-development to make sure the series doesn’t last so long that people lose interest or that the author loses interest. It’s not a pretty reality for the more intense fans, but that’s business. Novels have the advantage of the entire story being presented to an editor to be cut down to size and fine tuned before publication, but webtoons don’t have the luxury, especially when there is so many to compete for popularity.

    1. Yea, but ToG was always popular. I actually started reading it when the very first translation of the very first chapter came out and people were hooked instantly. But I started to lose interest after the whole « Viole edgelord » arc. Him learning those downgraded Ranker techniques was such a big deal at that time… but just a few chapters later every regular with a name suddenly has powers and shit…. and it only escalated from there. Suddenly everyone knows dozens of techniques and has multiple abilities and Rankers are everywhere and super common all of sudden.

      The thing I loved about ToG the most was The Ranking. With that one guy who has the ability to « Rank » people with but a glace and give them their Ranking. Or when that Yellow Hair Ranker from Floor 2 says to Baam that Everyone will have to give up on climbing the tower at some point, hinting that the possibility of anyone of them ever reaching the top being highly unlikely.

      The idea that not everyone is equal in ToG and the concept of hard limits hat can’t be overcome, no matter how much you cry. The legend of Enyruu creating live from Shinoo… all this was super epic and created complicated questions. For example, what will those regulars with low shinsoo resistance do once they hit their limits? There were even Character sheets that listed the potential of each character…

      All of this has kind of become pointless with Living Ignition weapons suddenly becoming the norm and all those regulars with low shinsoo resistance being able to climb higher than the 30th floor. Somehow overcoming the shinsoo density….

      This is Star Wars: the last Jedi all over again.

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